26 June 2006

Monday Mayhem

Traffic at 2:30 in the afternoon that's gone at 5:30. Nowhere to park. A pedestrian standing a third of the way across a crosswalk but not moving. A husband and wife rearranging myriad plastic bags in the back of their caravan as though they've done a massive grocery run, but everything's so fragile nothing can be stacked. And then after 7 minutes of my patience, she condescends to wave me off because they're not even leaving.

It's officially summer. Goddamn tourists.

(Nothing personal, Neil.)

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  1. Lol!
    That's a good one Claire! am glad I don't drive. here the traffic is becoming more and more monstruous! And the tourists are not even here yet!


  2. In my town we don't really have to worry about terrorists... er... tourists that often.

    However, seeing as we are an "up and coming" suburb, we do have a lot of "new money" moving in here. They are just as bad as tourists. They think the world revolves around them and we are meant to just bend over and take their crap.

    So be thankful that your idiots are only seasonal.

  3. Fitena: It's usually not that bad here, but summer is a different beast entirely.

    Kevin: Ah yes, we have our share of old and new money jerks. The old $ do their best to make it impossible for anyone else to live near them while the new $ act as though they're the 1st to discover the area and thus we should all get out of the way of their enjoying it. ARgh.
    And then there are the snowbirds: they return for the whole summer and act like they own everything.
    New Yorkers are perhaps worst though when they shove you with their grocery cart at the store, or shove your cart to cut ahead of you. Blah.