23 December 2005

An actual fortune

Someone you care about seeks reconciliation.
I was intrigued considering my thoughts of late. If anyone is seeking to reconcile with me, they're being quiet about it, or maybe it's yet to happen. Still, it's just a strip of paper pulled out of a folded cookie; more often than not, the strips reveal proverbs, aphorisms, or short statements that make no sense at all or mean everything at once.

And then it hit me: the strip doesn't say the person I care about is seeking reconciliation with me, just that she or he is seeking reconciliation. Even reconciliation need not mean what I assumed; someone could just be trying to balance a checkbook. That seems pretty probable.


  1. I stopped and bought a pint of wonton soup the other night. The fortune that came with this order simply read: "You are the best!"

    I stuck it on the fridge along with one I've had there for a few months that reads: "Enough is as good as a feast." That thought passed through my mind more than once during my summer of unemployment.

  2. Both of those are quite good. If it's not going to be a fortune, then I'm all for the short, declarative affirmation. I'd have saved those too.