24 December 2020

I Posted Another Win In The Little Drummer Boy Challenge

It seems crazy, but I've been playing The Little Drummer Boy Challenge since 2011.

The rules from the site:

It’s very easy: So long as you don’t hear “The Little Drummer Boy,” you’re a contender. As soon as you hear it on the radio, on TV, in a store, wherever, you’re out. 

The game begins the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday) at 12:01 am and continues until midnight, Dec. 23. If you haven’t been puh-rum-pum-pum-pummed, you win. For this year, anyway.

In 10 years of playing, I've now won 7 times, but when I lost, I lost 3 years in a row. Currently I'm on a 3 year winning streak.

This year seemed like it'd be easy since I'm staying home as much as possible. I figured I'd give it another go. My risks were much reduced though there were still risks at home, mainly other people watching TV and playing music. Also a dental cleaning appointment a few weeks ago where the radio was on but thankfully not holiday music. I survived, huzzah!

Happy Holidays!

10 years ago on TTaTPeace on Earth, Goodwill toward Legos

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