21 February 2020

Life of Art #522 [Business Cards and Custom Logo Stickers]

This week I created a variety of business cards with monograms, polka dots, and minimal designs. I also made several custom logo stickers, some with thank you messages, one return address style, and two branding styles with your logo, slogan, and website.

Click to see more business cards.

See more custom logo thank you stickers in the Custom Business Logo Wrapping Supplies collection:

Pinned to boards at Rocklawn Arts on Pinterest.

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Watched 7 more lessons from Create a Marketing Plan & Grow Your Standout Business by Tara Gentile. I'm finding it really helpful and appreciate being able to watch it at my own pace since I own the course.

Also watched Habits for Ultra - Productivity with Jessica Hische, an interview by Chase Jarvis which you can currently watch any time for free.

Watched/read "How to edit a photo taken in direct sunlight in Lightroom or Photoshop ACR" by Colin Smith and
"How to Make a Panoramic photo – shoot and edit a Pano in Lightroom or Photoshop" by Colin Smith.

How was your week?

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