06 February 2015

Life of Art SitRep #261 Fabrics, the beginning

Not the gangbuster week I was hoping for, but progress was made. It's so easy to get frustrated that I don't have the energy I did before I got sick last week, but I'm going to take my own advice and recognize the progress I am making. It's slow but it is occurring.

I hope you are all healthy and well. Eat right and get your sleep.

This week I made some headway adding my designs to new Fabrics to my shop:
Black and White Meander Fabric
Black and White Meander Fabric by RocklawnArts
Browse more Home decor Fabrics at Zazzle

Updated LOA and links files for end of month and new fabric link.

Made monthly backups. Have you backed up recently?

(Links to my store or products on Zazzle are affiliate links to help me earn more so that I can continue creating photographs and designs. The links do not change the items' price.)

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