05 July 2013

Life of Art SitRep #178 Baby Blue

Still getting used to the site changes on Zazzle which hosts my main Rocklawn Arts store. Some issues have been resolved which is nice. Alas some quirks are caused by my older version of Safari which I can't update without upgrading my OS. sigh. (Firefox solves some of these, however it won't let me make small size adjustments which is vital, and Safari will. Maybe I'll try Chrome one of these days.)

The main thing that annoys me at the moment is not being able to add line breaks in places that no longer accept html (which will eventually be everywhere I fear).

Light blue was the color of the week with two new designs I created: Light Blue and White Chevrons and Light Blue and White Zigzag.
Light Blue and White Chevrons iPad Mini Cover
Light Blue and White Chevrons iPad Mini Cover by RocklawnArts
Look at more White iPad Mini Cases at zazzle
Light Blue and White Zigzag Journal
Light Blue and White Zigzag Journal by RocklawnArts
Browse White Notebooks online at Zazzle.com

Rocklawn Arts blogged both designs. The zigzag pattern will go up next Tuesday.

Also made new stickers for Purple and White Gingham Pattern, Purple and White Zigzag, Red and Green Gingham Pattern.

Reorganized store categories a bit.

Updated LOA summary.

Created a few new Photoshop actions.

Did some archival work on some photograph folders.

Read Popular Photography Jan 2013 issue. Yes, I am ridiculously behind.

Made my monthly backups.

Hope you had an excellent 4th of July if you celebrate it!

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