23 March 2009

An excellent film

An excellent sci-fi film, actually, but also very much a romantic comedy if that's more your thing. It does both brilliantly.


Remember the year when Beauty and the Beast was nominated for a Best Picture Academy Award? There's a reason animated features have their own category now: to take them out of the main competition.

The visual scope of WALL•E is grand; I really should have seen it in the theater. However, I am consoled by the excellent companion piece, the short film BURN•E, that was only released on the DVD. The short follows the adventures of a peripheral character from the feature. If you haven't seen either, watch WALL•E first, and then BURN•E. If you've seen the feature (and liked it), it's definitely worth checking the DVD out from your library to see the short.

I know...old news... there were a lot of reserves on the DVD in my library network, so it took a good while to get. In any case, seeing WALL•E rekindled the idea for me that sci-fi can appeal to anyone and that it can still contain commentary on present-day life without sacrificing entertainment.

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  1. Oh my gosh. I didn't know Beauty and the Beast was nominated for Best Picture. That really surprises me.

    I have the Wall-E disk but haven't seen Burn-E. It's on there? I better look for it!

  2. It's in with the bonus features.

    And yeah, BatB lost to Silence of the Lambs that year. It was 1991.

  3. I finally put WALL E in my netflix today. Am excited to see it!

  4. I'm glad you said that Sizz. I felt like I was the only blogger who hadn't seen it.