30 May 2006

Post-Dentist audioblog

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(run time 1:04)

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  1. Claire, where are you from? I'm trying to place an accent.

  2. T.R.: oh, you've got me intrigued now. I've heard some unusual (at least to me) conjectures on the matter. What are you thinking? (By all means, listen to another audblog as my tongue was numb with novocaine in this one. There's a link to them all in the sidebar.)

  3. Why don't he just hit you on the head with something? You wouldn't be mad about it until you came to, and by then he'd have had your tooth filled..

  4. Scholiast: I asked him to go ahead and just do it (heck, my parents have long refused any novocaine at all, so I was ready to take the pain) but he was really not into that. Admittedly, I wasn't super gungho about it either so I didn't push it, but next time come hell or high water, I'm having it filled. (Though I do hope another type of novocaine will do the trick.)