18 December 2015

Life of Art SitRep #306 Polka and the Archive

Finished adding my new Sky Blue Polka Dots on Navy pattern to a select group of items and cross-linked a number of related products in their descriptions:

Rocklawn Arts blogged New Sky Blue Polka Dots on Navy pattern.

Created the inverse of the above pattern, Navy Polka Dots on Light Blue, and started adding it to select items in my shop. Here's a sneak peek:
Sky Blue Spiral Notebook with Navy Polka Dots
Sky Blue Spiral Notebook with Navy Polka Dots by RocklawnArts
Browse Navy and light blue Notebooks online at Zazzle.com

More items will appear in my shop in the days to come.

Reorganized my store some, swapped out several category images and changed the featured collection to Distinctive iPhone 6/6s cases:

Figured out how to batch process images in Photoshop instead of doing it from Bridge and caught up on 8 months of backlogged photographs, huzzah! Well, not caught up in the sense of being ready to post them, but it's progress.

Updated LOA, links files.

How was your week?

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