06 November 2015

Life of Art SitRep #300 Rearranged

Oh the lists I need to make. Or add to. And then accomplish. Which sadly don't directly translate to a life of art but will ultimately facilitate it. I hope.

Which is to say I've been a bit sidetracked again this week. Hopefully it'll all be sorted next week. Which sounds like it might miraculously take care of itself but alas depends upon me determining what must be done and then doing it. Solopreneur, yay! ;)

This week, I...

Created Vegan Leather iPad Air 2 Cases collection:

Revised an address label:

Added monograms to some more Geometric Christmas Wreath products:

Rearranged my store Rocklawn Arts for the holiday season and changed the featured collection to calendar magnets:

Revised descriptions and tags for a bunch of return address labels and culled some.

Updated LOA for end of month.

How was your week?

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