02 October 2015

Life of Art SitRep #295 Division

This week, I continued my Hudson River painter exploration and went to Thomas Cole's house, Cedar Grove. There I saw the rest of the River Crossings exhibit, Thomas Cole paintings and the grounds.

The house is less exciting than Olana which I saw last week, but I enjoyed the experience more because I went on a day you could self-tour the house and the staff was low-key and friendly. Also you could take pictures inside as long as you don't use flash. Naturally most of mine were dark and horrible, but I enjoyed snapping away nonetheless. Pro tip: shooting short videos can yield better exposure sometimes in low light if you're just looking for a record of the experience and not something to print.

Also went back to the lower Olana grounds (free if you're not touring the house), and explored a bit more. Shot 237 photographs and videos between both venues.

Updated 26 product's descriptions and tags.

Did some more selective culling of products.

Divided out Bold Bordered Diamonds from Diamond Patterns, a lengthy process of new folders, links, titles that will hopefully prove beneficial to search engines. More work to be done, as always, but a significant hurdle has been leaped (or achingly climbed over).

Updated LOA for end of month.

Updated links file for newly named diamond square designs.

How was your week?

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