20 June 2014

Life of Art SitRep #228 Crazy-making

Went to a botanical garden featuring an exhibit of mostly kinetic sculptures which were very cool. Shot a couple hundred photographs.

Created an abstract geometric pattern that I think is done. There's one line that looks a little jaggy onscreen which is driving me crazy because it's a shape layer and thus should not be jaggy. And it prints as it should, smooth, so I may just forge ahead. Unless anyone has any ideas for how to fix it in Photoshop? Dave2 perhaps? There are no extra path points, it's just at a very steep angle. Grr. (Yes, I should probably be working in Illustrator, but I don't have it.)

Rocklawn Arts blogged New Guitar Picks at Rocklawn Arts!

Otherwise, the usual online promotional stuff and that's pretty much it for this week's life of art.

I'm looking to burst out swinging next week though!

How was your week?

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