29 November 2013

That kind of day?

As I was waking up this morning, I heard dogs barking outside, a fairly unusual occurrence.

My first thought was Bear, as in maybe they see a bear, not out of the realm of possibility here. I was not awake enough to think that's it's probably too cold out for bears now.

You can never be sure anyway, so I flung open the curtain of the window next to my bed. I saw a white dog chase a black dog behind the house next door. The white dog didn't look familiar. Oh, maybe that's all it is, i.e., a strange dog in the neighborhood.

Here's where things are fuzzy. In the same moment, I somehow knocked over my water glass throwing water everywhere as it landed on my rug with a thud.

I did not for a moment consider it might be broken but dove to the floor to retrieve it. There was about one sip of water left from a previously full glass. I set it down and grabbed a purple t-shirt full of holes and tears from a bag of old, too-beat-up-to-wear clothes at the bottom of my closet and sopped up the pool of water on the wood floor next to the edge of my rug.

I was thankful the power strip tucked next to my bed was turned off with all of its outlets closed. (It's there for the window A/C in the summer.)

I surveyed the damage. There were water spots along my bed which the glass must've bounced off. My pajama bottoms had spots and streaks of water on them. And I kept stepping on wet spots on my rug with my bare feet that seemed improbably far from the origin of the spill.

I hate stepping on wet spots. At least bare feet dry quicker than wet socks.

At this point, I took a break to pee. I brought back a couple of paper towels from the bathroom and checked that my glass wasn't leaking all over my chest of drawers. Fortunately, it was unbroken.

I opened my other curtains and scanned my rug for more wet spots, doing my best to get as much of the water out as I could.

Oddly, I still didn't feel particularly awake, just fogged because I still don't understand how I knocked the glass over in the first place.

So it's going to be that kind of day. Hmm.

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