18 October 2013

Life of Art SitRep #193 Where were we then?

I was feeling out of step by the end of last week, but started this one with a trip to my favorite contemporary art museum around here. They had a great selection of exhibits up and it was a beautiful day to wander the grounds and take 172 photographs.

Watched 1st half of day 1 of Revitalize Your Workflow with Lightroom 5 with Julieanne Kost on creative LIVE. Since I'm not currently using Lightroom, I decided the info would sink in more by reading a book I happened to have won on the topic. I started reading it and felt inspired to go through some of my photographs.

I worked on Blurred Christmas Lights and added it to my shop. I like how when it's viewed sideways it makes me think of a visual representation of sound spreading out.

My Dad said he'd seen this photograph so I asked him if he liked it or (being diplomatic) if he thought it was interesting.

Pause. Pause. Pause.

"I would've liked it better if it were in focus," he said.

Which made me laugh because it completely missed the point. I'd also bet money it's not true because he couldn't tell what the original was or how I'd changed it. It would be a dull photo indeed in focus. I didn't make the bet though because it's not smart to make a bet that requires the other person to pay up for agreeing with you.

"Well, I guess you're not getting that one for your Christmas cards this year," I said with a laugh.

There was a time his long pause and comment might've bothered me, but I like the photograph I created and that's what matters.

This week, I also created Lavender and White Meander and Pink and White Meander designs:
Pink and White Meander Wall Decals
Pink and White Meander Wall Decals by RocklawnArts
Check out more Pink Wall Decals at Zazzle

Made a new vertical wrapping paper template.

Rocklawn Arts blogged New iPod Touch 5G Cases at Rocklawn Arts!, New Blue and White Meander design, New Green and White Meander design, and New Red and White Meander design.

Moved Bokeh in Spring, Blue Bokeh into new Bokeh Photos folder.

Rearranged store a bit.

Worked on my photograph archive some, deleting images and organizing.

How was your week?

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