12 July 2013

Life of Art SitRep #179 Slow going

Off my game this week. Or certainly out of whatever groove I sometimes have. That's where fatigue and distraction will take you, or me as the case may be.

This week, I

Made new stickers for Red and Green Polka Dots on White, Red and Green Rectangles, Red and Grey Rectangles, Red and White Chevrons, Red and White Diamond Pattern, Red and White Gingham Pattern, Red and White Rectangles, Red and White Zigzag.

Watched Photoshop Mastery: Image Ambulance with Ben Willmore on creative LIVE. Lots of helpful tips for fixing problem photos.

Listened to Photofocus podcast from July 5, 2013.

Went through 5 folders from my photography archive and deleted 73 photos.

Read/skimmed Popular Photography Oct 2011, April 2013, June 2012. Yes, I know it's ridiculous to be so far behind. As much as I like magazines in theory, I'm not a mag person at heart.

Also read two art/photography books which I reviewed earlier this week.

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