22 May 2013

Fractional Storytelling #8

When I was in the seventh grade, I was on the cross country ski team. One day I didn't have a ride home. The park where we practiced and held our home races had trails all over a mountain. I knew the far end of these trails came out behind the Purple Lady's mansion, so I decided to ski home.

3 years ago on TTaT: A time for sorting


  1. Do we get to vote on the ending??

    (Sorry. I like the serial aspect of this but my wild imagination makes a new ending for this tale every day.)

    1. No, that's great! That's exactly the idea. An attempt at self-contained fragments that make you speculate what's coming next.

      I was just working on the ending (or quasi-ending) this morning, revising it a bit. You'll have to come back and see! :)

    2. Feel free to speculate in the comments! Tell me what happens next. :)