01 March 2013

Life of Art SitRep #160 Photoshop Week

So I've been watching an insane amount of Creative LIVE this week.

I started last Friday with Smart PR for Artists, Entrepreneurs and Small Business with Ryan Holiday. Not as useful as I'd hoped since it followed his book closely. Great if you want PR from shock value, controversy, and notoriety; less so if you don't want to tip bloggers about yourself via fake email addresses. It's how to game the system certainly and had a few things to mull over.

Much more useful and enjoyable is Photoshop Week which is still going on. 13 instructors, 40+ classes over 6 days. I'm always surprised by how much more there is to learn about Photoshop. I shouldn't be, but I am. If you go to the course page link, you can download the "Showguide" PDF which has some tips from all the instructors for free. (You might need to enroll, also free, but you'll only be able to do that through Saturday, the last day of the event.)

I made some new diamonds designs, but have only added the White and Green Diamond Pattern to Rocklawn Arts so far.

Also Rocklawn Arts blogged Red and White Diamond Pattern and White and Green Diamond Pattern.

Did you learn anything cool this week?

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  1. I have been trying to replace my re-usable grocery bags for years, but refuse to buy products made in China, at least as much as I can.

    Where are your bags made?

    1. I'm not sure offhand, but I know Zazzle (the print-on-demand site I use) makes an effort to work with US companies.

      I'll find out for you and comment back here when I have an answer.

    2. Here's what Zazzle had to say: "We have multiple partners to make the totes, but print all of the grocery tote bags at our facility in San Jose, CA!"

      All of the tote bags in my shop are available as grocery totes. Just click a design you like and there are multiple bag types in the side bar including a 100% certified organic cotton twill grocery bag option.

  2. Thanks Claire. I will give them a try. This is a very important issue with me. China is not our friend. That government is responsible for many of the computer viruses and are hacking into our government's computer systems. They are not friendly to other nations around them. Buying their products only pays for these unfriendly actions.
    The Older Dave Simmer.

    1. You're welcome, Mr. Simmer. That's one of the things I like about Zazzle: they partner with US companies to manufacture their products whenever possible.

      If you see a grocery bag from Zazzle that you'd like to purchase, I'd greatly appreciate it if you used one of my affiliate links.

      Here's the link to my tote bags again.

      And here's a link to other grocery bags on Zazzle.

      If you need anymore help, let me know!

      Best wishes,