08 November 2012

Small Success

This fortune from the other night made me bust out laughing*:
You will experience small success, especially in romance.

That's about it, eh? I wonder what qualifies as small success in romance.

A crush on a new TV character?

A new crush in real life?

A coffee date? That really would be a small success because I don't like coffee.

What do you think would qualify?

*which quickly became a bit sobering as well as hopeful given my track record.

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  1. A comedian I heard the other day was riffing on the phrase "inbetween jobs" and saying that we should start using that for love.

    I.e., "I'm inbetween boyfriends" or "I'm inbetween happy times."

    Thought it was amusing.

    1. You could apply that to all sorts of things. ;)