07 November 2012

Now I'm ready to celebrate

Having lived in Florida in 2000, any results prefaced by any variation of the word "projected" make me paranoid when the numbers are close. I was living in Tallahassee, the state capitol, at the time and working in a documents department. The day after the election, our department was swarming with men in dark suits looking up every fine detail of recount information. Didn't take long for the streets around the capitol building to be full of news trucks sporting satellite dishes.

But that was then...

I am greatly relieved President Obama was re-elected.

To reporters and news organizations, he's earned the lifetime title twice, so use it!
Fuck off with your "Mister"'s, it's disrespectful and comes off as racist.

To President Obama, congratulations! There's nothing left to run for, so enough with trying to compromise with intractable people. It's time to push hard on the things that matter.

I am psyched by Elizabeth Warren's election to the Senate. She's the kind of Democrat that could bring me back to the party. We'll have to see how it goes, but I'm thrilled to have ousted Senator Brown. My donations to Warren's campaign feel like some of the best money I've spent in a long time.

Wisconsin elected the first openly gay US senator. Bravo!

In the Missouri Senate Race, incumbent Claire McCaskill beat Todd “legitimate rape” Akin. Phew.

As I sift through results online, there is more to celebrate, but it's hard to find official results rather than, "Yeah, we think this is how it's going to go" results.

Enough with the projections, news outlets! When you're wrong there is no accountability for it and it can have devastating results.

Anyway, overall my feeling is yay with a large side dose of relief. Or probably that but vice versa.

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