30 November 2012

Life of Art SitRep #147 Thinking bigger

Though I had days this week when I couldn't focus at all, there were times I saw possibility, one that seemed entirely beyond reach until this week. I have a new goal for next year. I'll probably need to do some things differently to reach it, as well as to figure out what those things are, but it feels exciting.

I didn't really set goals for this year, but I did start meeting the ones from the year before. It's a process.

This week, I added a new photograph to my shop: Super Moon over Washington Mountain. I made two significant changes to it in editing only to decide that they diminished what I liked best about the photo: the fiery look of the moon. I removed the changes and followed my gut.

Finished adding iPad Mini Cases to my shop.

Rocklawn Arts blogged iMac Mini Cases and Super Moon over Washington products.

Watched A shoot with Sue Bryce workshop on Creative Live. Though I have no aspirations to be a glamour photographer, she's very business savvy and I enjoy watching her work.

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