16 November 2012

Life of Art SitRep #145 Eyes down the road

This week doesn't look like much, but I'm proud of the focus on less obvious things. Store arrangement, mainly.

I collapsed designs of varying colors into three new categories (Checkered Rectangles Designs, Bisected Stripes Designs, and Graphic Circles Designs) thereby reducing my main page display by 5 or 6 rows. Seems straightforward but feels big to me.

Went through about 7 folders in Bridge doing further edits. Picked out the next photograph I want to add to my shop.

Read 3 issues of Popular Photography. Clearly I have a backlog. The upside is that the older an issue is, the more I can breeze through it since cameras and gear get refreshed so often.

Also did the usual promotional and maintenance stuff.

Really doesn't look that impressive when it's typed out, does it? Doesn't really matter though; it's the substance that counts.

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