06 November 2012

Go Forth and Vote!

I feel good today now that I've voted. When I put my ballot into the machine for tallying, I was happy to see that 1535 people had voted as of this afternoon. That's almost half of registered voters in my town and I'd expect there to be an uptick after people get off work.

There were still people steadily streaming in as I left, so that's awesome. Feels good, like people give a damn.

It was easy. I checked in and picked up my ballot. I took in my cheat sheet of candidates and questions' answers (you knew you could do that, right? You can bring in any notes you need so long as you take them back out when you leave). My polling place doesn't have booths, so you don't really go in so much as walk up to a partitioned area.

I went to one along the edge of the stage, picked up a black marker, and filled in the appropriate ovals. Being a little OCD, I double-checked that I'd filled everything in correctly and then walked to the checkout table. Then I deposited my ballot in the machine, noted the display with the number of votes it contained and walked out. Easy peasy.

We don't get "I voted" stickers where I live, but we do get to vote in our town hall.

You too can experience the joy and satisfaction of voting if you're registered.

Need to find your polling place? Do it.

Vote! Vote! Vote!

(But just once. ;)

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