15 January 2011

Snow spirals

About 20" accumulation the other day. Doesn't usually pile up on the spiral trees like that.

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  1. Wow. Somehow, that photo doesn't even look real. I'm seriously wishing we had that much snow here. And that nobody could drive so it didn't get all black and yucky. Freshly fallen snow is so magical.

  2. It's best on a clear, moonlit night: definitely magical.

    Less so when you have to shovel it (even less so when the temp's only single digits). 2 feet of snow is surprisingly heavy.

    It is nice to have really delineated seasons though. I missed them when I lived on the West coast.

  3. 22 inches! I remember waking up to that much accumulation - perfect for snow forts.

  4. And more since then. Freezing rain today though. Probably so heavy and sticky you could build an igloo. Might pass on that though... ;)

    I bet I'd be more gungho to play in it if I had proper water proof attire.