01 November 2010

Gettin' My Groove On... (vol. xvi)

...to "She Can Get It" by Kevin Rudolf with some Shiva Nata:

As if I'm not enough of an outsider already, I've become interested in a crazy form of yoga that pretty much no one has heard of. After reading about Shiva Nata for over a year, I finally picked up a dvd and started trying it out about 2 weeks ago.

I can't speak to the mental benefits it's supposed to have at this point, but I can say it's a heck of a workout for your arms. (I haven't gotten far with the leg sections yet.)

I photographed two other arm sequences which I like better visually, but without an establishing sequence, I didn't think they'd quite come across. The others will be up later this week.

*Please note the photos are by no means great form on display. I'm a beginner and I let Photobooth fire off 4 shots in succession, so I'm probably still moving into positions (assuming I'm doing them right).

A year ago on TTaT: Blast off

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  1. Eee! Look at your lovely flailings! I love that just scrolling down the page got my brain all mixed up. I think it's time for me to give some more attention to my practice.

  2. Aw, thanks! I was just in the mood to play the other day. I reckon you could say I was a Shivanaut for Halloween. :)

  3. Oh, Claire. I have that exact paper/scissors/rock/lizard/spock diagram on my iPhone case. Clearly we have more in common that just the abundant curls.

    Also, what is this Shiva Nata you speak of?

  4. ...and I totally forgot to check that box to get follow-up comments. Hello again.

  5. Iron Fist! Good to see you. I figured someone would know the shirt (I'm not in the least surprised that you do). It seemed particularly fitting because Shiva Nata or Dance of Shiva is all about patterns, breaking them down/building them up.

    You learn basic arm positions in groups of 4. You move through the basic sequence and then all possible combinations of it (arm positions offset, forwards, backwards, 1 arm forward while the other goes in reverse). Pictured here, I'm doing level 1 horizontal arms offset by two positions in reverse order.

    There are also 4 vertical arm positions. Legs also have positions as you progress. I've just started doing arms & legs at the same time, albeit quite slowly.

    @havi is the #2 Shiva Nata expert in the world. Watch her do a demo here. Pretty sure she's doing combinations where one arm does vertical positions while the other does horizontal. The stage I'm at is not nearly so complex or fast. Here's Havi's description of Shiva Nata.

    It's wacky & challenging, but kinda cool. Hey, Havi's in Portland and I know there are other shivanauts there. If you'd like to check it out, Elizabeth recently offered to introduce folks to it in the Portland area this month or next.

  6. Oh. Well, move to Portland, then, and we can take Shiva Nata classes together. Also I know where to find some really good ice cream.

  7. Ice cream is always good. Have you been to the Waffle Window? It looks mighty tasty.

    Not ready to switch coasts again just now, but I am accumulating more good reasons to visit Portland, yourself among them!