16 May 2009

Mind the store, if you would

Heading out for a few days tomorrow to make the trek to visit my sick bro. Times like this, it'd be nice to have a laptop. Le sigh.

I've got some more self portraits from the 1996 series scheduled to go up, so if you comment and I don't reply that's why. But don't let that stop you from commenting; I'll get to them when I can. :)

Until then:
Will I find a way to casually tell my brother I'm bi?
Will I be forced to give him an answer regarding caring for my niece in the event of great tragedy?
Will my road trip overconfidence cause me to get lost on my way down tomorrow?

Stay tuned to find out.


  1. Have a good trip. I will be awaiting the answers...

  2. thanks, IF. They tell me he's actually doing much better but it's quite sobering to see how weak he is/terrible he looks.

    "Be a better daughter," I keep telling myself. Too easily set off by the inconsequential...trying to be better, less critical, go with the flow.