13 May 2009

In good news...

I'm out of jury duty next month. Woohoo! I got summoned about a year ago and postponed it as long as I could (1 yr) thinking I might move out of the county before it came up. (Didn't.) The courthouse was far from where I live and would've been a pain in the ass to get to. I figured the postcard I got today was going to reiterate when and where I needed to show up but instead, I'm off the hook for now. Huzzah!

This opens up some travel possibilities which is cool.

Also, I saw Star Trek which was very good. And I spotted my red shirt cadet buddy Will in it. I love that my seeing an extras casting call notice lead to him being in an effing Star Trek movie. Awesome because I still remember the day over 10 years ago that we unexpectedly ran into each other at an ST con. It was the loveliest surprise.

Here's Will in his groovy cadet duds.


  1. How cool that your buddy was an extra! I would be ecstatic!

  2. I was so psyched that amidst all the coolness of the movie itself, I was able to find him.