16 May 2009

Cassettes, people, cassettes

So my car has a cassette deck which compared to my last two cars is actually an upgrade from just radios, but I'm wishing I had a CD player just now.

I figured I'd take the ol' case that holds 15 in case the radio sucks on my way down. From the selection within, I've already weeded out 2 mix tapes from my ex, a recording of one of my radio shows, and a tape of women's folk music (an old friend's band).

Of the 75 cassettes I still have, old is the main adjective which comes to mind.

What I'm taking:
Blood, Sweat, & Tears-- Greatest Hits
John Cougar Mellencamp-- The Lonesome Jubilee
The Go-Go's--Beauty and the Beat
The Beatles-- Revolver
Wham!-- Make it Big
The Rolling Stones-- Story of the Stones
R.E.M.-- Murmur
The Doors-- The Best of the Doors disc 2
The Blues Brothers soundtrack
Liz Phair-- Exile in Guyville (yea!)
Suzanne Vega-- 99.9 Fahrenheit degrees (yea!)

and then various pieces of albums by:
Peter Gabriel
The Boomtown Rats
The Cure
Harry Connick, Jr.
The Black Crowes
Mose Allison
Hatari soundtrack
Talking Heads
Angry Samoans
Fine Young Cannibals
1 mix tape from the ex

OK, this'll work. I'll just have to be prepared for time travel.

All right, I really should get back to packing.

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