30 May 2009

20 self portraits from 1996, day 17

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Day 17:
September 2, 1996
September 2, 1996
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That comforter is on my bed right now. It's reversible, woo! A couple years ago, I felt desperate for a new one just to have something different; I looked for ages without seeing anything I really liked for under a hundred bucks and nothing I loved for over that price. Then the economy tanked, and I realized I didn't actually need a new comforter and that there were so many other things I'd rather spend 100-150 bucks on.

The wood crate is from Vassar. I still have three. One is next to me right now as an extension of my desk. The day I saw a mover pick up one of these packed-to-the-gills crates all by himself (it was so heavy, I could barely nudge it along the floor), I was in awe of his strength.

The painting above the bed, Left Side of a Triptych With Skull, is my creation. Yes, I like O'Keeffe. Why do you ask? ;)

I wish I knew where in storage the Lartigue photos next to the painting are. The top is one of my all time favorites.

Under the bed, cans of film, of course.

And we've already covered Lois & Clark.

The rug I took with me to LA. I sold it when I decided to pick up and move cross country in about the space of a week. An Hispanic guy in a pickup truck tried to low-ball my already cheap price; I refused. Not long after, an Asian-American guy (Hawaiian/Polynesian, maybe?) walking along the sidewalk stopped by to check out what was left of my tag sale. He examined the rug carefully, holding it up to sniff it which wouldn't have occurred to me but seemed smart if you were going to buy a rug off someone's driveway.

"Why are you selling it for so cheap?" he asked.

I should've priced it higher. At least, I didn't cave to that guy in the pickup truck. "I'm leaving town in a few days."

"Temporarily, or moving?"

"Moving. I think I've had enough of this place."

He nodded and gave me a knowing look, as though he'd seen this before. I'm sure he had. He said, "Good luck. Have a nice life," and paid my asking price for the rug. I helped him roll it up, and he walked away carrying it over his shoulder.

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