01 April 2009

No more tattoo guy?

Night before last I heard tell that the place where I get my hair cut at the mall has gone out of business. As a recent post indicated, hair's been on my mind lately. I was working out how to explain what I wanted to the stylist I've been going to for most of the past three and a half years. I was going to wear it down so he could see it in its natural curly state instead of pulled back as I always did, so it wouldn't look shaggy en route. I hoped this would help him figure out what would be best.

I will miss your skill and quiet demeanor, tattoo guy. Over the years, I discovered that your name is Jack, you have a little boy, and the salon was yours. Whatever you're doing now, I hope it's going well. I'll keep an eye out for you at the place you worked before because I really shouldn't try cutting my own hair. Guess I should've gone to see you more often.

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  1. Oh no! This is always bad news, especially if you have a regular you go to! What do you plan on doing?

  2. Roll the dice somewhere new, I reckon. Not much else for it. I'll probably hold off for a bit though...still figuring out what I want.