24 March 2009

Stop me

I could really use a haircut. During winter, I usually leave it alone as I entertain the notion of growing it out--for real this time?-- as opposed to just letting it keep my neck from freezing until it gets warm out; then I get a few inches hacked off.

This year, however, with adjusted strategies there have been days when my curls behaved (in as much as my curls ever behave) which makes me think the longer, luxurious hair might not just be a pipe dream. The front is really too long though and needs some weight taken off. I just want to snip a bit for what I suppose would be characterized as "side-swept bangs" in the styling world. They'd be really really long bangs though, if that name still applied.

As I pull this frizzy curly mess before my eyes, I can tell that it'd be easy to go wrong with the snipping. Still...the scissors are calling to me...

Must refuse their siren call.

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  1. Curly and bangs can be a dangerous combination.

  2. Iron Fist: Curls unite!

    Cheryl: so true. There will be no above-eyebrow action happening. More like bottom-of-ear length... again, bangs is probably the wrong descriptor.