14 January 2009

In the mail...

...and out of my hands. With 2.5 days to spare. Whoever thought of making deadlines postmark-deadlines was a genius. Now I just have to wait four months to see if anything comes of it.

But in the spirit of my 2009 theme, Begin Anyway, I won't just wait around, I'll move on to the next things. I know what some of them are and have ideas about others. As much as I dislike filling out applications for anything, working on this one had me scrutinizing the nature of my creativity, pondering which medium is my best and which I'm most passionate about. Also discovering that one of the films I shot was shown at the Kennedy Center and at Cannes (though probably in some dodgy capacity for the latter) was pretty damn cool.

For the moment though, I think I've earned some Rock Band 2 and Lego Batman.


From what I've seen around the internets lately, it looks like National De-Lurking Week got moved up, so I missed it while I was hard at applyin'. Who really keeps track of the dates of these things though, right? I'm celebrating it this week, so if you've been lurking (as my stats imply you have), please leave a comment. No need to be shy! People who've commented before are encouraged to participate too.

2 years ago on TTaT: Pollocks in Nature


  1. Hey Claire, I'm here, if a little tardy.

    You gonna make it to New Mexico this spring?

  2. Hey, Iron Fist! Your comments are welcome any time.

    As for TQCon '09, I was really hoping the locale would be closer to friends/fam I was thinking of visiting this year so I could double purpose a trip. Sante Fe is darn far from everybody I know IRL. Still, I'd really like to go to, so I'll crunch the numbers to see if it's a trip I can swing.