24 October 2008

Trick-or-Treating, at the mall?

At the mall the other day, I noticed some signs that said some stores would be giving out candy for Halloween some upcoming afternoon. I'd seen pictures of my niece doing that where they live last year (or maybe the year before), but it still seems totally strange to me.

Did any of you do that?

Where I lived, we didn't even have a mall until I was in high school, and I'm pretty sure no stores gave out candy back then. I would've been out of the 6-12 age range in any case.

I get that it's for safety, but trick-or-treating just isn't the same if it isn't dark and you always have to have your parents along.

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  1. This is big in California, too. A sad commentary on the fears that parents have about their neighbors.

  2. I think my mall did do that. But like you, I wanted to be outside, walking from house to house, in the dark.

  3. Neil: hey, good to see ya! I suppose the upside here is that you don't have to go outside when it's only in the 30s. Our community center always had a bash though, and I'd bet it's still a much better time than the mall.

    Kilax: I always liked seeing people's decorations and all the different houses added variety to the candy loot.

  4. It makes me wonder about how a sense of community is dying out in so many places that people would consider taking their kids to the mall to go trick-or-treating instead of to their neighbors houses. Sad, really.

  5. iron fist: There's truth in that, but I must confess that I went to other neighborhoods to trick-or-treat to greatly improve my candy-to-walking ratio. Low car traffic is also a plus.