19 August 2008

Pole vaulting would be cool too

Although I can barely wrap my head around what you have to do with your body to do it. And I think the American woman's coach was an asshole for trying to make her feel bad about getting a silver medal. She was up against a woman who's broken the world record over 20 times! Scoring a silver medal at the Olympics with only 4 years pole vaulting experience is frakkin' awesome.

Regarding other silvers, I think the tie-breaking rule for gymnastics is rotten. The idea of multiple judging scores is fairness. The more scores you throw out, the more bias comes back into play. But what's wrong with having two gold medalists anyway? No sport with judging drives me more crazy than gymnastics. Every single time.

And one final pet peeve: NBC, your online tv schedule listings SUCK! I realize events can change, but I'm only looking as far as 18 hours ahead at most. When I look at the overnight schedule, you regularly give me a 7 hour window during which the sport I want to watch might occur. And three times so far, the events I wanted to watch didn't even fall in that window! Most of your coverage is taped anyway, so get your act together and give me a reasonably sized and accurate window!!! 2 hour windows should be totally doable. Also, I don't need the history of every competition within the schedule. Keep it simple, accurate, and let me look at more than 2 hours at a time.

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