06 August 2008

One project complete

kinetic sculpture
Earlier this summer, my brother re-expressed his fondness of a kinetic sculpture I designed and my Dad helped assemble years ago, so Dad suggested we build him one for his birthday. I completely redesigned the frame and changed the panels a bit while Dad made a jig for the hooks and a spacing gauge. Took us a good while to construct it. 75 panels cut to size, 150 handmade hooks, hanging them all evenly spaced... you get the idea.

I like how it turned out though, and my brother sounded like he really liked it when he got it. I hope it's as pleasing to watch as the first sculpture is.

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  1. I want it!

    How does it move? Can you post a YouTube video?

    On a totally unrelated matter... may I get your brother's home address?


  2. I love it too! Yes, I'd also like to know how it moves.

  3. dave2: It's meant to go outside where the wind causes it to ripple. The pattern varies from what I call "flapper dress" with all the panels going up like fringe when it's super windy to "scoreboard" where the panels move across in wave patterns, reflecting the colors around them.

    I do have video of my first sculpture in motion somewhere. I'll look for it once I get my computer moved upstairs.

    As for my bro's address, I assume you'll want it after he's got the sculpture up in his yard, right? ;)

    iron fist: thanks! I let the panels be a little convex on the latest iteration, and it looked pretty sweet when we ran a test with a fan.

    elisabeth: Thanks! As I said above, it's all about the wind. Really doesn't take much to get the panels moving, and as I understand it, it's really windy where my brother lives now. Should be quite a sight, from either side of the new one.

  4. OK - that's super cool! And I agree - I totally want to see a video of it in action. Nicely done!

  5. Thanks, Jenny! Posting video is totally on my list of things to do. Sometime this coming week with any luck...