21 August 2008

NBC, as much as your online schedule drives me crazy...

I applaud your live uninterrupted coverage of the women's gold medal beach volleyball match.

That was awesome.

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  1. While I cannot attest to their online schedule thingie, I do agree on the uninterrupted coverage. That was great!

  2. Last night's beach volleyball was exciting too.

    The online schedule gets to me because I just want to scan the whole day for sports I'd like to watch, but you have to step through in 2 hour increments and read through little paragraphs of who's competing and what happened in the last Olympic competition. The history/background takes up so much space they often don't include all the sports occuring in a particular hour.

    Or the hours span during which a sport might occur is so long as to be useless. (Particularly when the sport doesn't happen at all within a 5, 7, or 8 hour window!)