15 August 2008

Cruise Night, round 2

More cars from Cruise Night...

If I had to pick a favorite from this show, this 1929 Rolls Royce might be it. That guy was acting like he owned the car when clearly, it should be mine.

1929 Rolls Royce1929 Rolls Royce CUCorvettesFordstriped goodnessskull and flamesRolls Royce1940 Cadillac Coupe=sex on wheels
The 2 bottom cars, the black and white Rolls from the '40s (I think) and the 1940 black Cadillac Coupe, would also be heavy contenders. If I was really going to own one, I think I'd have to have that Caddy. It's tough and smokin' sexy. Ya know, I do have a birthday coming up next month...

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  1. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Cruise Night photos! I have always immensely enjoyed antique cars. I do like the 1930's Duesenbergs the best, I think.

  2. Thanks, Elisabeth! I've always found the design of older cars to be more appealing.

    Ooh, I just looked up the 30s Duesenberg. Those are great looking cars too!

  3. I am so jealous! I love cruises, but I never get to see them anymore. They bring out such a fun crowd of people. Thanks for sharing the photos!

  4. You're welcome. It was a good crowd. Actually ran into my dentist for the 2nd time in a matter of days there, and he's a nice guy.