05 August 2008

Bed, above and below

empty shelves
On the one hand, there's been progress:

Shelves have been set up and shimmed level.

All the pictured books and much more have been shelved. They're all even in some semblance of order now, though reference still needs a bit of tweaking.

books on bed
On the other hand, when I was switching out an extension cord running underneath my bed, I saw a fairly large spider. I was going to catch and release it, but it ran under before I could get to it. Usually spiders don't bother me as long as their bodies and legs aren't particularly dense, but this one was kind of borderline.

Figures I'd just finalized the arrangement of stuff underneath my bed for storage. I confess that I'm bothered by having a spider living down there. Even mildly creeped out and paranoid. Not so much I'm going to pull everything out from underneath my bed to try and find the spider though. Just need to shake it off (hopefully not in a literal sense).

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  1. Spiders usually do not spook me either, but a great big one under my bed would probably bother me quite a bit. Congrats on all of the progress on re-arranging your stuff. Those kinds of projects are grueling, but it feels great when all has finally fallen into place.

  2. Still feels like a lot of work to go but the progress I've made thus far really does make my room feel a lot better.