25 July 2008


Damn sam, moving to the room across the hall is proving to be much more of a pain in the ass than I'd anticipated.

All for 9.125 more square feet, and I'm told 6 additional inches of closet width. Also better views and light. That would be enough, but the biggest perk is that this move allows me to sift my stuff out from everything that wasn't actually mine in my old room. The new room may also be quite cluttered by the time I'm done, but at least it'll all be mine. So much stuff in the closet still, not looking forward to continuing that switch-off.

Moved the last 3 bookshelves and their books in today. Shimmed the shelves but have a long way to go to clear my bed of books. Should get back to it so I can watch Dr. Who later.

Hope you've all been well. I've fallen behind on my feeds again.

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  1. That's when you hit "read all" and move on. :-)

  2. Yeah... I do what sizzle says. Life is too important to stress about that; but I do too.

    When is the goal to have all the moving and rearranging done? It always takes longer than you think it will, right? :)

  3. sizzle: I've definitely done some chunks of it that way. Lots of skimming happening. ;)

    kilax: there was never a firm date but it's a symbiotic process... i have to do stuff before they can and vice-versa. For the moment, I'm more concerned with something I've got in the works for my bro's all too rapidly approaching bday.