14 July 2008

4 feet isn't that long, right?

Now try moving everything you own four feet away from all of your windows.

Replacing all the windows at home wasn't my idea, but it's also not my call. I've been gradually moving stuff for the past couple weeks, sussing out the jigsaw that my possessions have become. Four free feet is just not possible in some cases; I figure if they can change out bathroom windows, they can manage if space is a bit tighter.

It's Saturday as I write this, and I've yet to move my computer to the basement, one of only 2 rooms unaffected. Internet should work, but my access will likely be sporadic this week. Times like this a laptop would be nice.

Tomorrow I have to upend my bed and remove the rest of the blinds and curtains. I also must remember to screw in all the loose bulbs above my bathroom mirror. With all 8 bulbs on, it's like the sun, so only 2 are screwed in all the way.

Cross your fingers that the weather behaves and it only takes the 3 days they estimated. Then we can start putting everything back. Uf.

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  1. What a pain. Is it 4' in front of the window, or on the sides as well? I think my cat would like it if we did that - all the furniture would be so close together he could have a jungle gym!

  2. It was a major pain. Four feet in front and to the sides, but in a couple places I only managed 2.5-3' on the sides. Data would've loved it!