29 July 2008

After all this time nothing is the answer?

As I've said before girly stuff isn't my forte. You can't really get away from hair though, not unless you shave it off. My hair's somewhere between curly and wavy, I guess, curls varying with hair length and weather.

Turns out it looks better if I don't comb it at all when I get out of the shower. That's just fucking crazy to me. For as long as I've skipped using conditioner, it seems to be the key to everything.

I still need a better cut, but I'm not quite sure how to explain what I want yet. Also some additional frizz control would be good. But it's coming along... I might figure my hair out yet.

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  1. It took me until a couple years ago to realize that I was washing my hair WAY too much, so now I only actually use shampoo like once or twice a week, but condition every time I take a shower. Sounds gross, but it's all about the conditioner.

    Curly hair is high-maintenance.

  2. I have to mess with my hair quite a bit to get my waves to stay put -- I like Aveda products. They have a conditioner that is light enough to moisturize but not so heavy it ruins your ability to style. . . Check it out! (It used to be Sap Moss, but they discontinued that and I hear the replacement is better. Still have to try that.)

  3. jenny: So true! Not even combing sounds low maintenance but if I over-dry it just a little, it's a total frizzy mess.

    I cut back to shampooing every other day some years ago, but have only recently gotten on board with conditioner. Don't use it on my off-shampoo days though... I'll have to try that. And maybe see if I can stand another day between shampoos. I used to be so OCD about washing my hair every day that this is all great progress for me.

    voix: Thanks for the suggestion. If I go the condition every day route, I am going to need something light.