12 October 2006

Maybe safe-mode is enough

My old PC is up and running, but only in safe-mode. The graphics seem so ancient, but I suppose that's to be expected with a 7 year old computer that can only display 16 colors at the moment. I think it's getting hung up because the last time I was using it (in October of 2002 before it was banished to storage) it was hooked up to a cable modem that's no longer present. Argh.

But what am I really trying to do here? Most of the files I already have from floppies I had a friend burn to CD, but there's email and some stray photos lingering that I'd like to salvage. Since it doesn't have a CD burner and I have nothing that can read floppies or zip disks, my thumb drive seemed like a promising alternative (assuming Windows 98 will recognize it). The catch is that the 2 USB ports are right next to the monitor's plug which is just wide enough my thumb drive can't be plugged in. Figures.

Dad's going to loan me the male-female USB extension cord he uses for his printer later, so maybe that will work. In a simple world, I would just hook it up to the internet, but that was always such an agonizing task with that PC even when it wasn't outmoded.

After that, there's deleting everything and likely paying somewhere to take it as most places will consider it too antiquated for a donation. Reinstalling Windows from scratch would be too much of a drag anyway as I'd have to open the case, unplug the zip drive I installed later on, load Windows, then plug the zip drive back in, load that software... Blah. I dislike PCs pretty mightily.

Initially I was going to rail more on PCs, but when I got here, the internet wasn't working which goes to show that with computers it's always something.

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