17 October 2006

Fine, be that way!

Well. I recorded not one but two audioblogs this afternoon and damn it all if they just aren't here. I commented on my dismay that audioblogger is closing shop at the end of this month, but if this is how it's gonna be then, fine, close up shop!

They're supposed to continue hosting posts made before Nov. 1, so all my old audioblogs should still be available. (Gotta figure out how to back those up...)

Anyway, I praised AAA for giving me 2 USA maps without a second thought. I'd been all prepared to explain why I needed two instead of one. Now I'm sort of wishing I'd asked for more as I think this art inspiration I've had could easily become a large series. I can always go back, I suppose, since she didn't take down my card number or anything. At any rate, I was pretty happy about that.

On the way there, I had a few bags to drop off at the Salvation Army. Their donation point is on the side of an industrial building, most of which has been empty for years. Strange to think that I used to go the movies at that complex all the time. The Cine Center sign is still up though it's been closed for well over a decade. Now it feels a bit sketchy even during the day.

Since it's been raining all day, all the potholes in the parking lot were full of water. Along the side of the building a puddle stretched several feet wide. Wisely, I slowed way down since I couldn't tell how deep it was although in retrospect, I wish I'd hugged the building to avoid it altogether. My left wheel plunged down several inches before bumping again on the far side. Be careful of those puddles folks! Bubbling manhole covers are to be avoided as well.

I'm certain this was more entertaining as audio. Blame audioblogger!

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