26 October 2006

Breaking points are necessary...

...apparently. In the past few days, I've become completely fed up with folding my t-shirts. I've complained about my closet before, but I can't believe it took me this long to realize some parts of its configuration do not provide any support to the main structure.

closetThe basket above the stuffed animals, for example, was hanging from the shelf above by two plastic clips and two twist-ties. The very irritating little shelf above and to the right of Odie's head had a clip on the post but was mainly affixed to the wall. Same with the shelf the animals are on. But no more!

I ripped them all out. My t-shirts will hang tonight!

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  1. I am of the old "folded t-shirts" school, and I am a damn good t-shirt folder. I, too, rethought my entire closet when I took over my daughter's room this past summer. Of course, it also helps that I have now no fewer than three closets at my disposal.

  2. I'm a folder...most of the time. I can never quite decide!


  3. Elisabeth: I switched my folding style and that put me over the edge. Folding down the center is a breeze... it's the retail style fold where you keep the front flat that drove me mad.

    Claire: I would hang just about everything if I could.