04 October 2006

Awe, is that the right word?

Maybe shell-shocked or speechless. Mind you, it's not warranted. I'm just having a gut reaction to something I read in my alma mater's quarterly magazine. They sponsor group trips for alumnae/i to exotic places all over the world. I've been getting the individual flyers for a couple years now but really only to look at the pictures and imagine the possibilities.

However, the insert of the 2007 trips has 1 as close to my dream travel as one could get with these sort of group tour affairs. The Egypt excursion hits all the main sites I want to see and even has an optional 5-day extension into Jordan to see Petra which is also right at the top of my list.

Group travel isn't my kind of thing (particularly sharing a room with a stranger as I doubt I could afford the single supplement), but I really don't see myself traveling to that part of the world on my own. By the time you add the Jordan extension, airfare and travel insurance, going on this trip would leave me totally broke if not in debt upon my return. Seems fair to bet that's where most of this shell-shocked feeling is coming from.

Ah, part of it's a four-day cruise. I'd missed that when I was first looking at it. As a poster-child for seasickness, that's really not ideal. And there it is... the out so I don't have to feel like a complete wuss for letting this opportunity slip by, just a medium wuss.

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  1. There must be some other group tours of Egypt with side trip to Jordan that don't involve a 4-day cruise. I am not sure, but I think that those college alumni tours are always exhorbitantly expensive, but maybe it's just a prejudice on my part.

    Is there absolutely no one you could pair with to go on such a trip?

  2. It's more a matter of interest level and timing. Most of my friends have unpredictable work schedules, and none are anywhere as much into Egypt as I am. I do have a friend with family in Lebanon though, and I think he might be game if we could ever sort out the timing.

    I haven't priced out an independent trip, but some of the group trips are rather expensive. A trip to North Africa which also sounded cool was 3x the cost of the one to Egypt (which I'm sure is why it didn't get enough people and was cancelled).

  3. Egypt is amazing. I had the best time visiting. I went with one friend (it was a killer bargain trip from Moscow, with a "diplomat's discount" on Czech Air. We only went to Cairo, as our pockets weren't deep enough to trek south, but, man, it was great. You would LOVE it.

    And Petra? Oh, I so want to go to Petra. If you go, take a zillion photos!

  4. Petra would make the perfect IJ:The Last Crusade bookend for me. The flashback with River Phoenix includes a lot of the places I saw at Arches Nat. Park.

    One of these days...