15 June 2006


I feel so relaxed now that I'm done shopping for my dad's birthday and father's day. I even returned the stress purchase I made last night after running around all afternoon not finding what I wanted. How hard is it to find a decent spatula for grilling? Fairly, if you don't want a whole set, don't want to spend $30 for one implement, and get suckered into new design features. Yesterday was the day of over-thinking it (though really most of the spatulas I looked at were weighted in very off-balance ways and had uncomfortable handles). Today was decisiveness, and it felt great after several days of similar runarounds for other items.

All that's left is wrapping, but I can do that later.

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  1. Not feeling quite so relieved - I'm Statcounter visitor no. 6666! Is that an omen..?

  2. Scholiast: I'd take it as a good omen 'cuz my dad just turned 66. It's either that or he's supremely evil, but I haven't really noticed it so I think we're ok. ;)

  3. Spatulas, eh? Who'd've thought it?

  4. Sam: Yeah, it's a bit of a cliche gift here for Father's day, but he liked it quite well along with the cedar grilling planks I got him.

  5. That's exactly what we got my dad for Father's day!

    I didn't expect them to be such a scientific purchase...