23 June 2006

Not cutoffs 2: Entropy strikes back

More holes! More fraying! More chances for public indecency!

Coming almost instantaneously to a blog near you: the sequel to the somewhat disturbingly popular Not cutoffs.

When last we saw our intrepid hero, the left leg of her shorts had seen tough times...

...but now she's back with the right leg of her shorts, facing greater perils than ever!
not cutoffs 2

One year ago at TTaT: Not cutoffs, Eminent Domain
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  1. Seems to me this might be just about the right time to go shopping for a new pair of shorts (not cut-offs) maybe, but of course I could be wrong!

    WV: sebor = sounds like a sneaky reptile or something - better get some sturdy boots while you're at it...

  2. Woohoo! Nudity ensues at TTaT!!!! I could say something else, but I'm not sure I should.

  3. Rarity: Quite possibly. I didn't even show the holes under the back pocket or how frayed the waistband is (looks like my dad's eyebrows when he hasn't had them trimmed in a while). Packrat that I am, it's hard to just toss them, but I'm almost there.

    Oh, no more sneaky reptiles, if you please. That's the last thing I need. At least I already have sturdy boots.

    Kev: Glad to oblige? ;) It's not really nudity though. As for your "something else," I have some thoughts on what that might be, but I too will show some restraint.