03 June 2006

Move yourself

Another hour on the bike today plus some stretching. Technically, I've fulfilled Neil's Move Your Ass pledge for the week though I haven't actually signed on. Initially, I was getting over the vestiges of illness, so I missed the first week. Now I just find myself reluctant.

The terms are simple enough: exercise for an hour twice a week, or pay $20 to charity and humiliate yourself on your blog for the course of four weeks. I can't afford it which would seem like a great motivator, but the threat of punishment is not one that will inspire me to continue after the term of the pledge is up.

If I'm going to work out, it has to be because I want to. For now, I am inspired and encouraged by the bloggers who have answered Neil's challenge. Once that wears off, I may have to resort to a reward system. ;]

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  1. Exercise because you "want to?" Who wants to exercise?

  2. Who wants to shell out $20 just because you didn't? :p

  3. I never really want to, but will admit that there are times that it sounds like a good idea.

  4. Ok, I give up. Perhaps 'choose' is the more apt word. At times I want to be stronger, faster, more fit, and exercise is a means to those ends.

  5. I read something very clever from the Dalai Lama - which I now apply whenever I can: he advices you (me?) to acknowledge the difference between pleasure and happiness.

    Whenever you wonder what action to choose, ask yourself: "will this bring me happiness?"

    And this (sometimes) helps me to stay away from, let's say, potato chips; because although I know it's a pleasureable thing, it will bring regret (un-happiness). Likewice: excercise is definately un-pleasant (in my opinion, anyway - I NEVER felt the wonderful rush of endorfins everyone's talking about) BUT it will make you happy after...

    Something to think about...?

  6. Rarity: That makes sense. I worked out this afternoon, so when I fixed myself a bowl of Ben & Jerry's and banana slices, I felt pretty good about it. :)