02 June 2006


After an hour on the exercise bike, I tried to return the fan that had been oscillating a breeze in my direction to its previous position. Most inadvertently, I assure you, I killed it.

First a screw popped out, and the head of the fan started to sag. With my left hand I supported the fan and with my right I reached for the screw. When I looked up, I couldn't see where the screw had come from, but I noticed the top of the plastic stand supporting the fan was horribly torn. The warping continued and then the head was free except for the power cord running to the fan motor. The head hung limply from the stand. I considered rigging it up with string so the weight of it wouldn't be pulling on the power cord but conceded that it wasn't salvageable.

I unplugged it and left. Fanslaughter, first degree.

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  1. I just tripped over my tall Black & Decker osillating fan today. How I did that, I will never know. I mean, the thing's four feet tall. It's hard to miss. Yet, I still tripped over it, bent the base, and killed it. It's now the non-osillating, flailing and groaning fan. Yeesh.