04 June 2006

Dipping a toe in

Drawing of an irisI commented recently that it's been quite some time since I've drawn. A friend's birthday is later this week, and knowing her fondness for plants, I spread out my raincoat and sat on a rain-soaked step to make this sketch today.

The final piece has color: purple with streaks of white and a bit of yellow at the base for the large bottom petals, lavender for the three middle ones, purple for the three upright petals, and green for the stem and leaves. I scanned it before that step since I didn't want flecks of crayon wax stuck to my scanner. I'm not sure which version I prefer though the precision of colored pencils would've been helpful (if I knew offhand where a set was). Nonetheless, I do like the way crayon reacts to the texture of the white linen paper I used.

Last year, I drew her a poppy. A few have just started to bloom with their spectacular orange-red petals with blossoms as large as my hand during the day. I may have to draw another one of those for myself.

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