08 May 2006


I confess I'm disappointed that despite (or worse, perhaps because) of Tom Cruise's ever-increasing obsession with Scientology*, Mission Impossible: III still opened at #1 at the box office this weekend.

My Tom Cruise over-saturation has had one favorable effect though: I'm not totally sick of Tom Hanks anymore. It's not much, but at least Hanks can act.

*It's totally Cruise's right to believe in Scientology if he wants to- I'm just sick of hearing him talk about it.

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  1. I knew it would open at #1. That was a given. Nothing else out there to compete. What will disappoint me is if it doesn't drop at least 60% after this coming weekend. I'm hoping this film takes in under $120 million overall.

  2. Kev: well, that's something to look forward to. ;]

  3. I watched Mission II and laughed like crazy! Don't ask me why, I have no idea! They did a zapping (a compilation of shots) of Cruise's travels around the globe to promote the new movie. every where he went he said "I called Katie! She's great! She told me to go for it!" I don't think I'd watch the movie. If I've got to pay for it that is.


  4. Fitena: That's pretty funny. I saw the first one I think (clearly it wasn't that memorable), so I don't have any plans to see the next 2.

  5. How can you say Tom Cruise can't act? Have you ever seen anyone dance in their underwear with more conviction? What about how upset he was when Goose died! What about when he wanted the Truth! Got spit on for being in Vietnam! And I think we're all forgetting a little movie I like to call "Legend."

    Tom Cruise can't act.